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Get Ready For Cedar  

Cedar allergy season usually starts around mid December, and it is one of the worst allergies in Austin. Poorly managed allergy can easily lead to sinus infection and bronchitis, and I can’t emphasize the importance of effective prevention and symptom management.


Below is a list of things you can work on to minimize allergy symptoms:

1) Inflammation: Inflammation dilates blood vessels and promotes mucus production. Avoid pro-inflammatory diet (too much carbohydrate and alcohol)

2) Stomach acid: Low stomach acid can increase mucus production. Avoid stress and alcohol, and start taking Zypan!

3) Dairy & Wheat: They increase mucus production. Avoid them during allergy season.

4) Antibiotics: An antibiotic overuse can trigger allergy symptoms through disturbing microbiome balance. Avoid them by keeping your immune system up.  

5) Leaky gut: Inflammation, nutrition deficiency, and medication can increase gut permeability and allergy symptoms.

6) Allerplex: It is THE supplement of my choice for allergy management. Start taking a low dose of Allerplex before the season begins.

7) Neti pot: It can mechanically remove excess mucus to give you temporary relief. Start using it early, and don’t wait until it is too late.

8) Air filter: Invest in high-quality filters to remove cedar pollen while you are indoor.


Allerplex is 20% off this month, so please stock up to avoid getting sick!