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My Caloric Restriction Plan  

Multiple researches have confirmed restricting calories is associated with longevity, but there is one problem: when we restrict calories, we become irritable and can’t stick to it. This is one of the reasons why dieting alone for weight management often fails.


So how can you take advantage of caloric restriction?  Below is my plan to effortlessly restrict calories:


1. Stabilize blood sugar: When our blood sugar level drops too low, our brain tells us to eat carbohydrate by inducing sugar cravings. This is when we tend to eat whatever in front of us.

Carbohydrate destabilizes blood sugar level whereas dietary fat stabilizes it; therefore, I increase dietary fat and decrease carbohydrate intake. I do high fat, low carb diet.


2. Increase fiber intake: Fiber not only keeps us full longer, but also becomes food for our gut bacteria. When we increase fiber intake, our microbiome becomes bacteroidetes dominant. When this happens, our body holds onto less calories. I eat a huge amount of non-starchy vegetables and some starchy vegetables to increase fiber intake.


3. Eat some animal protein: When you follow a low carb diet, it is extremely difficult to eliminate animal protein, which provides useable form of vitamin B12. It is also a good source of DHA to feed our brain. I make sure not to eat too much protein as it can raise cancer risks.


When I eat this way, there’s no need to count calories. Now that you know my plan, what is yours?