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Antibiotic Treatments Increase Infection Risks?  

The first antibiotic treatment was given in 1940 to a British policeman, and it has since saved millions of lives all over the world. Antibiotic medications work by killing pathogenic bacteria, not virus. If you have a bacterial infection that your body can’t clear on its own, taking an appropriate antibiotic medication will treat infection and save your live.


While antibiotics are excellent at treating the primary infection, we are starting to understand that they can potentially increase the risk of secondary infections. One of the roles of beneficial bacteria is to keep pathogenic bacteria at bay, but antibiotics may shift the balance of bacteria unintentionally. This may be why you end up with a totally different infection after a course of antibiotic treatment.


So what can you do? Below is the list of recommendations to minimize the need for antibiotics:


• Stop using antibacterial soap

• Stabilize blood sugar to avoid suppressing your immune system

• Learn to listen to your own body and take actions promptly

• Optimize your digestion and Vitamin D level

• Actively relax and don’t stress!

• Eat fermented food everyday to keep your immune system alert

• Avoid taking pain medication to protect your mucous membrane

• Use Congaplex at the first sign of infection to boost your immune system

• Use Andrographis Complex and Golden Seal to fight pathogenic bacteria

• Ask for a swab test if your doctor insists on antibiotic treatments.