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B12 Deficiency MUCH Worse Than We Thought  

When you deplete your vitamin B12 reserve, you’ll experience a wide range of health conditions, including fatigue, anemia, memory problems (Alzheimer’s & learning disabilities), premature aging, depression, heart disease, and irreversible nerve damage. This is why you want to know and replenish your vitamin B12 level on a regular basis.


Until recently, it was estimated that 7% of vegetarians and 52% of vegans are B12 deficient, but the latest statistics show 68% of vegetarians and 83% of vegans are B12 deficient. Why? Traditional serum B12 tests aren’t sensitive enough to detect early stages of B12 deficiency.


Here are some of the common causes of B12 deficiency:

1. Plant-based diet: Humans can’t use plant-source B12 (cobamides). It also prevents B12 absorption.

2. Stomach acid deficiency & medication: Without intrinsic factors, which are made in stomach, you cannot absorb B12. If you are taking Prilosec, you are in TROUBLE!

3. Genetics: Some people (like me!) have genes that reduce absorption and usage of B12.

4. SIBO: Overgrown bacteria in small intestine steal B12 from you.


My favorite B12-rich foods are liver, clams, oysters, and shellfish. If you need to supplement, I highly recommend Cataplex B12 by Standard Process because it has intrinsic factors in it.


If you are concerned about B12 deficiency, please make an appointment for nutrition consultation today.