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How Bioidentical Hormones Screw You (& Your Partner)  

Bioidentical hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, etc) are manufactured from phytochemicals in plants, and they are available in many different forms (topical, pills, etc). While they tend to have less severe side effects compared to synthetic hormones, they are not without problems.


If you are considering a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, below is a list of potential problems you may encounter:


1. Overdose: If you are not working with a practitioner to carefully monitor your hormone levels, you can easily overdose and increase the risk for cancers and other health conditions.

2. Down-regulation: If you take any hormones for a long-term, your body will “down-regulate” and start producing less of them.

3. Passing hormones unknowingly: Bioidentical hormones can get transferred from one person to another through skin contact as well as other mechanism. In other words, while you may feel great, your partner may suffer from hormone imbalance.


In addition, we are already exposed to many bioidentical hormones. Some of the common sources are skin and body-care products because estrogen plumps cells up (think anti-aging products). This is why I only use coconut oil as a skin lotion (it works great!)  


There is a right time and place for a hormone replacement therapy, but please be extra cautious. If you need help with balancing your hormones naturally, please let me know.