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Broadening Horizon For Better Health  

You never know where you find inspirations. Please watch this video (4 minutes.)


Why did I ask you to watch a video about wolves? It is because our body is a complex ecosystem, and the video shows how implementing a change in nature has ripple effects on the rest of the system. And this is exactly what is happening to our body today.


We often seek medical interventions when we start experiencing problems, but unfortunately, we often focus only on resolving symptoms and ignore what the treatment does to the rest of the body. For example, when we are under stress, we tend to get heartburn, so people take anti-acid to mask the symptom.


Masking symptoms often results in 2 things: 1) putting unintended stress on another part of the body and/or 2) original problem develops new problems. Using the heartburn example, 1) continuous medication use increases the chance of side effects, and 2) poorly managed stress can lead to new problems, such as insomnia.


Chronic issues almost always do not develop overnight, and longer you wait to address the source of the problem, more complex the problem becomes because of the ripple effects as you saw on the video. But if you implement a right solution and keep working on it, you will solve not only the original problem but other seemingly unrelated problems as well.


So don’t delay addressing health problems!