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How To Survive Prophylactically

No one is immune to stressful situations, and many people don’t realize how quickly stress can affect your health. Especially with what is going on in this country now, you need to learn to protect your health preventatively, and below is the list of things I carefully monitor to manage my own health.


1. Digestion: Stress suppresses stomach acid production, and it can manifest as a wide range of symptoms, including heartburn, gas with foul odor, food stagnation, or lack of desire for meat (or protein-rich food). When you start experiencing any of these, boost your stomach acid with Zypan right away.

2. Sleep: Adrenal glands work overtime to produce cortisol to help us deal with stress, but when they get fatigued, you are more likely to wake up in the middle of night. Start taking Drenamin to provide nutrients to your adrenal glands and for restful sleep.

3. Mood: Vitamin B complex is a critical nutrient for nervous system, and minerals help us stay calm to deal with stressful situations. Stay away from carbohydrate-rich diet that depletes vitamin B complex, and start taking MinChex.

4. Exercise: Moderate exercise improves not only your mood, but also sleep too. Make sure to choose something that you enjoy.

5. Social Support: Not having social support has been shown to be as harmful as cigarette smoking. Make sure to get together with your friends for coffee or lunch on a regular basis.

We may not always have control over what happens in our environment, but we do have control over how we manage our stress. If we prophylactically learn to be ready, we are one step ahead to deal with whatever comes our way.