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New Weapon for Excessive Appetite & Obesity

Would you be interested in a product that can simultaneously reduce appetite, decrease body fat, stabilize blood sugar, and improve digestion? If you would, please read on.


Bitter herbs have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for a long time to treat various conditions. They are considered “cold” in nature and excellent at clearing “heat”. When people have excessive appetite, often accompanied with bad breath, the condition is called stomach fire, and we use bitter herbs to treat it.


Until recently, we did not know that bitter taste receptors exist in our digestive tract in addition to mouth. Since this new discovery, new researches are showing wonderful benefits of bitters. One study shows improvements in BMI, blood sugar control, and body fat. The other study shows decrease in hunger and increase in satiation.


MediHerb carefully picked 3 bitter herbs to maximize the number of bitter receptor sites their product can affect. The newly formulated formula is Digest Forte.


In order to reduce appetite, it should be taken 30 minutes before meal. MediHerb has added ginger and tangerine peel to balance the formula, so this is a balanced formula that is safe for a long-term use. As an introduction offer, this product is 20% off during the month of October.


It is amazing how new science continues to validate what people knew in the past, and I hope I can encourage you to eat more bitter foods, other than beer of course.