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Can You Sleep 9 Hours?

Sleep has many roles in keeping us healthy, and one of the benefits of sleep is growth hormone, which our body produces during sleep. Growth hormone is responsible for repairing and rebuilding tissues, so if you are not sleeping well or not enough hours, your body can’t heal itself.


Contrary to what we usually hear, the optimal sleep is 9 hours, not 8, but most of us can’t physically sleep 9 hours without getting up. Why? It is because our adrenal glands are very worn out due to the following reasons:


• Unstable blood sugar level

• Emotional stress

• Too much physical stress, including over-exercising

• Increased inflammation

• Allergies (seasonal/food)

• Lack of quality sleep

• And more


Our adrenal glands produce cortisol to manage various types of stress, but when they become fatigued, we often wake up in the middle of the night. Many people mistakenly think they are waking up due to urination, but providing nutrients to adrenal glands often enables people to sleep longer. Some of my patients have reported being able to sleep for 9 hours.


Recognizing and managing stress improve our heath as well as quality of our lives. The stress nutrition seminar is coming up on 9/24 (Sat), so please don’t miss it.