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Skinless Chicken Breasts? No Thanks

Hopefully by now, you know the benefits of eating healthy fats with every meal. Benefits include 1) keeping you full longer, 2) stabilizing your blood sugar better, 3) optimizing your sex hormone levels, 4) strengthening your bones, 5) improving cell membrane integrity, 6) protecting liver from toxins and alcohol, and so on. So if you are not eating enough fats, your risk for 1) obesity, 2) diabetes, 3) low testosterone/progesterone, 4) osteoporosis, 5) autoimmune disease, and 6) liver disease increases.


While more people are starting to understand this concept, I still see an interesting phenomenon when it comes to choosing meats, especially chicken. I have noticed many of my patients are still buying and eating skinless chicken breasts, which is inferior in terms of fat content, moistness, and flavor. In fact, chicken breasts are cheaper than chicken thighs in Japan.


And chicken skin? That’s an excellent source of gelatin, which makes connective tissues strong (for better skin, hair, bone, gut, etc), and it is monounsaturated fat. Yes, it is in the same category as olive oil.


So if you still want to eat dry, less nutritious, tasteless chicken breast and pay more for it, please go ahead. I want to thank you for keeping the cost of chicken legs and thighs nice and low.


P.S. If you want to learn more about dietary fat, please order my fundamental nutrition CD.