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Is Fear Ruining Your Health?

When we are faced with uncertainty, it is very comforting to hold onto what we think we know and make no changes. Unfortunately, this pattern is very commonly seen in a clinical setting, and it prevents many people from getting healthier.


In Five Elements Theory used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the emotion of fear belongs to Water element. People who have a weak water element tend to show these characteristics:


• Not willing to try or learn new things

• Become very defensive when opposing ideas are presented

• Have hard time letting things go & need to have the last words

• Low back & knee pain

• Aging, bone, urinary and reproductive issues


Water element is also related to winter season and kidney. People who have weak water element can easily be stuck in this stage and fail to experience the next stage: spring, a season of growth.


So how can you overcome fear of unknown? Surround yourself with right type of support, and empower yourself with new and updated knowledge. One of the reasons why I provide nutrition seminars is to empower yourself with new knowledge.


Once you have a solid foundation, you can overcome your fear and take your health to the next level.