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Number One Brain Food

I was taking a nutrition seminar over the weekend, and I was very happy to learn that one of my favorite foods happens to be the super food for brain. I know that most of you are not eating this because every time I mention this food, you give me that face. Yes, that face.


So what is this super food? It is sardines, and here’s why your brain loves it.


1) DHA: Omega 3 oil found in fish oil contains DHA, which our body can’t synthesize. 60% of our brain is made up of fat, and 1/3 of it is DHA.

2) RNA: Sardines have the highest amount of RNA, which regulates protein synthesis. A lack of RNA leads to premature aging through cellular degeneration.

3) Complete protein: Eating sardines provides complete protein. Most plant source proteins are incomplete.


Unless you live near the ocean, it is hard to find fresh sardines because they do not stay fresh for a long time. This is where canned sardines shine, and they are economical too. Just make sure to pick a brand that uses olive oil instead of soybean oil whenever possible.


Other good sources of RNA are salmon, anchovies, trout, mussels, scallops, organ meat, nutritional yeast, and nuts. Sorry, muscle meat contains very little RNA. If you don’t eat these foods on a regular basis, I recommend taking Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) supplement from Standard Process.