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Sitting Is Killing You

If you have been to my clinic recently, you’ve noticed that I am using a homemade standing desk now. I’ve made the change after realizing how shockingly long I can sit down throughout the day.


Do you sit down while you eat? Do you drive to work? Do you sit down at work while working on computer? Do you sit down while watching TV? Oh yes, they quickly add up.


According to Chris Kresser, a nutritionist and licensed acupuncturist, sitting has the following negative effects on our health:

  • Sitting wrecks our metabolic functions.
  • Sitting decreases the activity of the enzyme lipoprotein lipase (LPL), which is associated with higher triglyceride levels, lower HDL levels (the good cholesterol), and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Even a single day of prolonged sitting has been shown to reduce insulin action.
  • Sitting weakens the bones.


The easiest way to prevent these problems is to simply stand up, and you can either purchase a pre-made standing desk (there are many options) or make your own. Mine was made with Ikea furniture for less than 20 dollars. Just search “DIY standing desk” on the internet, and you’ll see a lot of ideas.


If you have a busy lifestyle, this is just one of the ideas to squeeze in more exercise in your daily life.