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Getting Ready For Winter

Our nutritional needs change with seasons and aging, and it is important to know what changes you need to implement to optimize your health. Below is the check list for myself to get ready for winter season.


Vitamin D: Our body makes less vitamin D during winter time due to less exposure to natural sunlight, so I increase the dosage of Cataplex D. When you supplement vitamin D, make sure to take supplement that has vitamin A in it. Cataplex D contains both.

Cod Liver Oil: In addition to being a form of fish oil, Standard Process’ Cod Liver Oil also contains vitamin A, D, and CoQ10. During winter time, I switch to Cod Liver Oil to increase active vitamin A, which is required for healthy immune function.

Food For Immune System: Immuplex is the multi-vitamin for the immune system. If you take Catalyn (Standard Process’ multi-vitamin) on a regular basis, you may want to add or switch to Immuplex during winter.

Fermented food: Probiotics found in fermented food can keep your immune system on alert. I take whole goat milk kefir daily and add sauerkraut to my salad dressing. Prosynbiotic is a good choice for people who don’t eat fermented food regularly.

Winter Squash & Sweet Potato: Winter squash, such as butternut squash, and sweet potato are in season, and they are packed with nutrients and soluble fiber, food for gut bacteria. Prebiotic Inulin is available for those who want to increase soluble fiber intake.

Good Night Sleep: If you are not sleeping well, you are asking for troubles. Don’t stay up too late.


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