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How SAD Makes You Sad

Standard American Diet (SAD) can lead you to chronic diseases by increasing inflammation, degrading gastrointestinal integrity, and shifting your gut flora toward unhealthy state. Until now, we were aware that the brain activities affect digestion (e.g. stress induced indigestion), but latest research shows that the state of our intestinal health can affect our brain and how we feel. Yes, the communication between brain and intestines is bi-directional.


In the upcoming seminar on 9/10 and 9/12, I’ll talk about how SAD is damaging your digestion and making you susceptible to depression. Below is the list of how SAD is making you sick.


  • Nutrient deficient due to heavy processing
  • Low in natural fiber content
  • Use of trans fat & reduced saturated fat intake
  • High omega 6 & low omega 3 content
  • Lack of fermented food choices
  • Antibiotic use on animals
  • High glycemic index food
  • High carbohydrate and gluten intake
  • Lack of complete protein intake
  • High use of questionable food additives & pesticides


If you want to get well and feel better, please sign up online for the seminar.