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18 minutes for your kids (and yourself)

If you have a kid or simply want to improve your health, I want you to watch a TEDx talk by Robyn O'Brien on youtube. It is only 18 minutes long.




There is an explosion of asthma, autism, autoimmune diseases, ADD/ADHD, cancer, food allergies, and other diseases among children in this country. One of the culprits for all these diseases is food additives.


New food additives are introduced every day, and unfortunately their safety is tested only by the manufactures, not independent companies. Since most food additives are used to increase profits for food manufactures (through extending shelf-life, reducing food preparation time, etc), you don’t need to be a scientist to see major conflicts of interests.


While these additives are routinely used in this country, many of them are banned in other countries. It is, unfortunately, kids who will suffer the most because their internal organs (and brains) are not fully mature to get rid of these additives from their bodies.


If you want healthy kids, it is vital that you clean up your pantry. When you do, your health will also improve.


Additional recommended books on processed food:

Pandora’s Lunchbox (by Melanie Warner)

Salt Sugar Fat (by Michael Moss)