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Why I Say No to Testosterone Replacement

As we age, our testosterone level gradually decreases, but we are seeing more cases of younger men with “low T.” The common treatment is a hormone replacement therapy, but first I want you to read the side effects:


If they don’t scare you, I want to inform you that testosterone can get converted into estrogen if you are activating an enzyme, called aromatase. If you have too much estrogen, you’ll develop male breast tissues and increase the risk for prostate cancer.


It’s always important to find the real causes and fix them accordingly. Below are some of the common causes that can lead to low T.


· Blood sugar: Carbohydrate-rich meals increase aromatase and cause adrenal fatigue.

· Stress: Adrenal fatigue can contribute to low testosterone level.

· Zinc: We need zinc to produce testosterone. Eat more oysters and grass-fed beef.

· Stomach acid: We need strong stomach acid to assimilate zinc.

· Low cholesterol: We can’t make sex hormones without cholesterol.


Hormone replacement therapy often gives you the short-term benefit, but in the long run, it is too risky in my personal opinion. You have only one body, so please choose wisely.