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Please Stop Eating Reduced-Fat Dairy

Now that Time magazine had debunked the dangers of saturated fat and dietary cholesterol, I’m hopeful that more people will be open to abandoning low-fat diet that has accelerated heart disease and cancer epidemic. At the same time, since we had been taught to cut back on dietary fat for the longest time, I’m fully aware that some people are still skeptical.


Dairy products are very popular in this country, and this is one particular area where I see most people still choosing low-fat varieties. In many cases, it is harder to find dairy products, such as yogurt, that are made with whole milk compared to low-fat alternatives.


So what happens when you eat or drink reduced fat dairy products? Here’s what Sally Fallon had to say about skim and reduced-fat milk in her book, Nourishing Tradition.


“Powdered skim milk is added to the most popular varieties of commercial milk—one-percent and two-percent milk. Commercial dehydration methods oxidize cholesterol in powdered milk, rendering it harmful to the arteries.”


Damaged arteries from oxidized cholesterol can lead to heart disease. In other words, we have been damaging our heart by consuming reduced-fat dairy. Who knew!


So please stop buying reduced-fat dairy, and enjoy products made with whole milk instead.